AI can change businesses from the inside out. With business owners enhancing sales through conversational AI and AI-assisted marketing teams, even small businesses are finding that AI can help them create better content, engage customers, and improve sales.

Artificial intelligence is most used to give customers individual attention, to understand their user data more accurately, and to predict the outcome of campaigns. On creative teams, it shows that AI is answering a call for personalization, insight, and prediction that is rock solid in terms of support by big data.

Can AI Solve Creative Challenges?
Small businesses and marketers are using AI insights to create personal, targeted campaigns because artificial intelligence tools are better equipped to analyze and advise than human teams. In minutes, they are able to discover patterns in mountains of data in ways humans might take months to uncover, and they act on these insights with predictions and performance-boosting solutions faster as well. Artificial intelligence cannot yet creatively make their own campaigns and copy to replace the digital marketer, but it does augment power and personalization in marketing through: 1. Increased understanding of user data, 2. Better customer conversion predictions 3. More personalized messages in creative ways.

Even the best marketers will find they are unable to compete with AI-enhanced teams that can process the data of hundreds of ad campaigns, millions of customers, and billions of ad dollars with a click. Instead, they remain bogged down in a growing set of user and ad data that houses encoded secrets that they can never uncover to better reach their customers.

To help such a struggling marketer, I offer examples of three artificial intelligence processes that small businesses and marketers use. Consider how they answer a growing demand for personalization, increase the ability to leverage big data, and lead to predictions that enhance sales.

Three Ways AI Enhances Creative
Consider that creative depends on a solid understanding of all your marketing campaigns and data. You must make yourself informed and effective using data from these campaigns matched with an understanding of your customer. Therefore, AI and can help you to optimize your marketing campaigns in at least the following ways:

1. Improve audience understanding.
AI tools can help you understand what motivates and repulses your customer by discovering patterns in data that never ceases to grow in complexity and size. Using AI to enhance your creative means that you use these discovered patterns to target your audience with insight both in copy and design.

True creativity often demands that you are able to meet the constraints of a particular audience and purpose. This is true with AI, and the results of matching consumer patterns with your own creative ideas. AI can actually help you come up with more fresh ideas than before by becoming inspired by real truths about your audience’s opinions and preferences.

2. Targeted customer personas.
The person who the message is for often determines what the message contains and how it is packaged. To help you craft a message that is appropriate, human, and helpful, AI can create targeted personas based on user behavior that tell you what is effective, and even predict when the best time to reach your customer with a custom message is.

By matching campaign data with user data through pattern discovery, AI is the tireless team that helps you understand your customer in ways that lead to more targeted campaigns. It can augment your current process for creating personalized experiences through prediction of what works for a specific consumer profile.

3. Optimize current campaigns
Another sales-ready and effective way to use AI and improve business results from marketing is optimizing your current campaign creative. AI can recommend and prescribe interventions on your current campaigns based on previous user and ad data so that you fight ad fatigue and boost engagement.

Retargeted ads for customers for example that make personalized recommendations for thousands of customers may be just what your creative needs to reach its potential.

Improving the Creative Process with AI

Elsewhere we have explored how AI leads to better personalization process and customer journey, another way that AI can augment marketing exists in the creative workflow.

The marketer has designed an ad for a future product launch. Artificial intelligence tells them that this ad will be effective for a certain segment of the customer population, and automation allows them to instantly deploy this creative for maximum effectiveness.

The user encounters the ad and chooses whether or not to engage it. Meanwhile, AI tells the marketer how this interaction fits into an understanding of customer preferences.

Then after the interaction, AI and automation retarget your customer with a personalized experience, giving the marketer another chance to come up with constraint-based creative that converts.

You can see that AI can actually help the marketer be more effective in the creative life cycle. At every step, data and optimization converge to give the marketer actionable insight into what will make the customer want to buy. The more that you are able to use AI to understand and reach your customer, the more effectively creative you can be with your campaigns.

Can AI Help Marketers?
The world of the marketer is one of increasing pressure to produce, perfect, and perform. At any given moment there are hundreds of key performance indicators which measure the success of the marketer. And, the customer as well as the client demand more success campaign after campaign with more specific creative that personalizes the journey. Likewise, I recommend that marketers use AI to personalize their creative in order to answer this growing pressure.

Personalize with AI.
In every action they take online, your customer is trying to teach you what makes an ad or piece of content effective for them. If you are facing pressure to create more compelling ads and content, use an AI-enhanced tool for creating custom experiences for your customer through creative backed by big data. Then, you can offer the customer and the client something that they both demand (personalization) while decreasing the pressure to be a data scientist as well as creative professional.

How I Used AI-Based Tools To Boost Client Website Traffic by 10,000%
One of my financial services clients in a highly competitive marketplace aimed to increase website traffic by sharing top-quality content and manually tracking and analyzing keywords. They were averaging around 3,500 users to their site every month. But as new competitors entered the marketspace this company needed a way to plan and produce more targeted content at scale. I used MarketMuse, an AI-powered content intelligence platform to identify high-quality topics the company needed to be talking about. Next I used a complete application to see where competitors ranked for each of these topics and combined this information with a SEMrush based competitive analysis. This helped me identify the gaps and opportunities in the current content plan, leading my client to create highly targeted content to quickly establish itself as an industry leader and increased website traffic by 10,000%.

Final Thoughts
Artificial intelligence is changing the way marketers and businesses create and engage with their customers. We can meet the growing need to understand huge data sets with limited resources and personalize for thousands of customers through artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the magic wand that can make a marketer’s desperate wish for improved insight and higher engagement come true. So, are you interested in enhancing your creative process and ability to connect with customers in a unique way through AI? Learn to create a data-backed, AI-enhanced creative process through a free consultation, or subscribe to my blog for more information about the impact of AI and automation on small businesses and marketers.