Demand Generation Program for a Mobile App

A Silicon Valley startup wanted to create a buzz about a new social media application they created.  I partnered with this brand to create hype for this new social app through rewards gamification and community building.


The Challenge

Vyoo is the business matchmaker in your pocket. This San Francisco tech startup built a new app dedicated to networking and business. It works by connecting like-minded people who live nearby and have matching goals and interests. 

When I met them, they called themselves ‘the anti-social media company’. They wanted me to help them create a buzz about their exciting new product. They went from having no online presence to building an engaged social media community around their app. We also used rewards-marketing to retain users and give back to loyal app-users.

With the majority of businesses competing for space on the three main platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Vyoo needed to do something to stand out. They had growing concerns about user privacy, which created many challenges for new social media networking applications.

The way in which the Vyoo team wanted to differentiate themselves was by showing their audience that they genuinely cared about building communities.


The Solution

Pre-Launch: Creating Hype on Social Media

To build a thriving community around Vyoo I used the power of hashtags and storytelling on social media.

I used Instagram stories to share weekly content about the hottest San Francisco events and networking tips. One of the most successful Instagram stories was #VyooIsTheNewSocial. We shared a range of networking tips. To help create the most engaged Insta stories we used a lot of different functionalities offered by Instagram, such as images and gifs.

Social traffic was sent to a dedicated WordPress landing page. This was created to collect pre-launch signups.

Post-Launch: Rewards Gamification Program

I used Twilio and WordPress integration to set up a rewards gamification program. A rewards gamification program helps retain users whilst increasing app usage and awareness. For Vyoo, giving something back to the community underpinned their brand values. Through their actions, they showed they genuinely care about building communities.

  • Users who shared a link to download the Vyoo mobile app with family and friends via SMS earned points
  • Points could be traded to gain VIP invitations to Vyoo's party or to claim freebies like Starbucks drinks
  • Earned points also unlocked a few premium mobile app features 

An interactive user interface on the landing page and a series of creative SMS content helped this brand build an active community of Vyoo users and brand ambassadors.


WordPress, Twilio, Hootsuite, Brandwatch, KickoffLabs


Key Takeaways

Tell Stories

Social media is the place to engage with potential customers. Through your social media platforms engage customers with stories and share relevant tips or give them information that keeps them coming back. Keep it relevant and use the different functionality available within the social media platform to keep things fresh and engaging.

Let your actions do the talking

Your business actions need to reflect the brands messaging and underpin the brand values. If you say you value community, prove it.


Use rewards to encourage lead generation and return visits

Rewards gamification benefits all involved. Your customers come back, they share the news with friends and family and in return, they get exciting new rewards. You get leads and a growing audience of engaged and loyal brand ambassadors.











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