Mobile App Gains 100k Users With Inbound Marketing

This case study follows the pre-launch marketing program of a new social media mobile app. Learn how inbound marketing helped this Silicon Valley startup create a buzz.


The founders of Vyoo wanted to create a mobile app that connected like minded professionals with similar interests. Unlike other social apps, Vyoo served the professional market in a human way. The app enabled users to find each other based on mutual connections and hobbies.Users can find events nearby, engage with stories shared on Vyoo and see who’s interested in their profile.


Inbound marketing

Mobile app marketing


Demand generation, growth hacking

Blogging, social media marketing


WordPress, Twilio, Hootsuite

Mailchimp, SimpleTexting



In recent years the concerns around social media usage and data privacy have spiked. Vyoo was in a highly competitive social media space with tech giants like Facebook. Vyoo needed to stand out; they aspired to be the  safe social networking platform that brought old school networking and human connection back.


I partnered with Vyoo's development team to implement a mobile app pre-launch program focused on layering each bit of outreach to create momentum over the course of the app’s development.  We had 90 days to get thousands of users excited about this new application.

Creating a buzz through inbound marketing

User profiles were created to align messaging with the audience’s needs and digital footprint. A dedicated WordPress landing page and blog served as a content hub and expanded Vyoo’s web presence. We promoted expert content, app marketing campaigns such as giveaways, contests on the blog and built an email list of over 65,000 subscribers in less than 90 days.

10X pre-launch signups with rewards gamification

To engage and reward Vyoo’s mobile savvy audiences we set up a rewards gamification program by using a Twilio and WordPress integration. Users who consented to receive mobile notifications from Vyoo received  bi-weekly doses of fresh and interactive content delivered to their mobile phone with a link to refer Vyoo with family and friends. Vyoors who shared the referral link earned points that could be traded to  gain VIP invitations to Vyoo's launch party or to claim freebies like Starbucks drinks.

Building a community through social media

We created a thriving community around Vyoo by leveraging Instagram stories, Facebook sponsored posts, micro influencer campaigns and by driving targeted traffic to the app landing page through Quora.  We used a #VyooIsTheNewSocial hashtag to share unique weekly networking tips on Instagram.  Another successful Instagram hashtag was #SanFranciscoWorld that promoted the hottest San Francisco startups, places and events. A press kit was created to serve as a one-stop resource for journalists and influencers to spread the word about this new social media application and to help this startup create a buzz!



  • 100k app signups
  • 25% mobile app stickiness
  • 65k blog subscribers


  • Social media is the place to find users for a new mobile app. Publish relevant, fresh and interesting content including useful information and helpful tips to keep your audience coming back

  • Walk the talk! Your brand messaging needs to underpin the values your company believes in. Vyoo said they wanted to connect like minded people and they proved it!

  • Customers love a little appreciation. Rewards gamification takes this excitement to the next level and turn loyal customers into brand advocates


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