The Client

The founders of Vyoo aspired to improve the way professionals network by humanizing social media. This vision was brought to life by creating Vyoo, a social media platform that empowers creators and side hustlers through community building.

Machine learning based features enabled professionals to share interactive content in the form of videos, audios, and podcasts while engaging with their fans and followers in real time.

In addition to community building, Vyoo offered e-commerce integration and built-in analytics to track audience engagement. Vyoo only charged 8% of earned revenue on free and paid content and provided users full access to their community data.


The Problem

I was sourced to help the Vyoo team draw in member sign-ups in the pre-launch stage and resolve the following business and technical challenges:

Building authentic relationships

The Vyoo platform was created to spark online interaction and then move virtual connections to real-life business relationships. The challenge was to create a user experience that bridges online and offline relationship-building between members.

Concerns around data privacy

In recent years, the concerns around data privacy have spiked. As a new social media startup competing with tech giants like Facebook, Vyoo needed to stand out by telling its story in a way that clearly communicated the value and authenticity of the solution they offered.

Tech startup with limited resources

As a startup company with limited budget and a distributed team that worked in different timezones, we had 90 days to get thousands of users excited about this new social media platform. 

The Solution

Since Vyoo aspired to change the way people connected on social media, I mapped out a content strategy plan that focused on layering each bit of outreach to create momentum throughout the app’s development.

Out-of-the-box content to engage audience

Data-driven insights from surveys were utilized to create user personas, easily digestible snapshots of people, to humanize Vyoo’s target audience.

A mobile app landing page was developed to serve as a community hub and published relevant and fun content on networking tips for different personality types, and updates on the latest events. We created a thriving community around Vyoo by leveraging social media channels and influencer marketing campaigns to drive targeted traffic to this landing page
We used a #Vyoo is the new social hashtag to share unique weekly networking tips on Instagram. #San Francisco world, another popular hashtag which promoted the hottest San Francisco startups, places, and events. 
HubSpot’s engagement scoring features offered granular insights into Vyoo’s audience, and armed us to create tailored content at their preferred digital and social media channels.
A press kit served as a one-stop resource for journalists and influencers to spread the word about this new social media application and help this startup create a buzz!

Rewards gamification to trigger excitement

To engage and reward Vyoo’s mobile-savvy audience, a rewards gamification program was set up. Users who consented to receive mobile notifications from Vyoo received bi-weekly doses of fresh and interactive content delivered to their mobile phones with a link to refer Vyoo to family and friends; 
Vyoors, who shared the referral links, earned points that could be traded to gain VIP invitations to Vyoo's launch party or to claim freebies such as Starbucks drinks. This program created excitement around Vyoo and crushed member retention goals.


The Results

Social media audience reach

>1 M

Mobile app signups

70 K

Mobile app stickiness 


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