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Fur Babies is one of the most popular Veterinary care centers in Toronto. I partnered with this brand to help them achieve their new vision of growth through a tactfully planned digital marketing strategy. 


The Challenge

Fur Babies, a leading Toronto-area veterinary practice offers specialty care for cats and dogs. They have always had a loyal base of customers. As a result, they were able to rely entirely on referrals from past clients.

Referrals had served Fur Babies well, but they wanted to grow the business, reach more customers, and increase inbound leads. To do this they had to enter into the world of digital marketing.

First, they reached out to the agency who overpromised and underdelivered. They were left with marketing that didn’t convert and an air of confusion around the work that had been completed. Their previous agency had failed to communicate what they were doing in plain English, opting instead for marketing jargon and industry buzzwords.

When Fur Babies contacted me I was happy to work with them to create and execute a marketing strategy. We managed to grow their market share by creating a digital-savvy brand that could be found online. Their new brand was informed and it educated their customers about their services as well as their commitment to animal care.

One of the key elements in their marketing campaign was the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy that focused on targeting some of the low-hanging fruits like client referrals and veterinary expertise. 


The Solution

Creating a heartwarming brand

Cat and dog parents love their fur babies. To many, they’re as precious as children and an integral part of the family. For this reason, the Fur Babies brand had to underpin their commitment to animal care.

The brand name was already achieving this, but there was a slight disconnection between the brand name and the overall brand messaging. Before we jumped into a marketing strategy we wanted to refine the brand, so it was consistent. We wanted customers to get a feel for who Fur Babies were through every element of their brand. If customers were going to work with Fur Babies they needed to feel totally comfortable.

We tweaked their messaging online. Through graphics on the website and their social media, we created a sense of a committed, caring, loving brand - the type of brand you’d trust with your loved fur babies!

Mobile responsive & optimized website

Fur Babies existing website worked well - it looked great and it functioned well on a desktop or laptop. There was one issue - the mobile responsive site needed some work.
We used Google Analytics data to see how online audiences were interacting with the site. There was a growing mobile audience, which meant that their mobile site couldn’t be ignored. 
We wanted customers to have an easy, streamlined experience no matter what device they were using; we wanted the mobile site to have a human-centered design for mobile. The easier the site is to use, the higher the chances of converting web traffic into leads or inquiries.
We knew that referrals generated business for Fur Babies, so we integrated client reviews on the website, which helped strengthen brand reputation and empowered SEO. 

Social media storytelling
Working with a company like Fur Babies who are committed to client services and passionate about animal health made content creation easy. 
I used Google Trends and Hootsuite to collect a list of popular trending topics about animal healthcare and created blog posts that gave answers to many pet owner’s questions and concerns. 
A series of weekly Facebook Live for Vets and their teams showed some of the animals who were under care. These videos received between 15,000-20,000 unique views every week. From here, we were able to develop an audience and use a targeted marketing strategy to ensure that the video content got into the news feeds of pet owners in Toronto. 
The social media campaign was a success and served different purposes - it developed an audience and it put Fur Babies in front of their potential customers. Most importantly it showed that they were exactly who they said they were - committed and caring about animal welfare.
Heart touching pics of animals were posted on Instagram to show behind-the-scenes footage and to truly convey the care and love that Fur Babies team have for the pets under their care.


WordPress, Google Trends, Hootsuite, Brandwatch


Key Takeaways

Help your audience feel at ease

Pet owners treat their pets like babies - you aim to help them feel at ease

Aim for human-centered design

A good website with a human-centered design is key to success in vet business

Be human and be creative!

Everyone loves cute animal pics! That's how social media channels became popular in the first place. Be human and be creative.








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