Healthcare Brand Wins Senior Patient Audience With Omni Channel Marketing

Learn how a nationwide vascular health brand connected with their elderly target audience by creating a successful omnichannel patient experience. 


Peripheral Artery Disease (P.A.D) affects 8 to 12 million people over the age of 50 in the U.S. Early signs of P.A.D can be misleading, and patients may think it is a natural part of aging. Early treatment and lifestyle changes can restore mobility, lower the risk for heart attack, and save a patient’s life. USA Vascular Centers offer a holistic approach to P.A.D treatment, including medication, patient education, and special procedures such as stent angioplasty.


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When I met the USA Vascular Center marketing team, they weren’t sure if they could successfully connect with the senior demographic through social media marketing. Another challenge was new competitors entering the market. USA Vascular Centers needed to discover the best marketing channels while giving a facelift to their outdated branding.


I partnered with this brand to help them attract new patients while debunking the myth that an elderly audience isn’t engaging in the digital world. 

A Website Designed for Seniors: The website was redesigned to make the patient feel valued and empowered. Some design elements that optimized the online customer experience included: 

  • Easy to read text with larger font size
  • Imagery that captured the patient demographic
  • Creatives that reflected the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and preventative care
  • Clear, concise calls to action
  • A newspaper-like blog

Integrating Traditional and Digital Channels: Traditional marketing channels such as radio, TV, and print already generated 75% of the patient traffic, but at a very high cost per patient acquisition. Contrary to popular belief, a marketing audit revealed that most of the USA Vascular Center’s target audience spent their time online at Bing and Facebook. So, I created an omnichannel patient experience focused on optimizing patient-facing communication on select channels. Organic and paid search Bing campaigns contributed to 20% of scheduled patient appointments. Facebook sponsored posts and lead generation ads boosted scheduled appointments by 15%. We cross-promoted our digital channels on traditional platforms to reach more patients and reduced our patient cost per acquisition by 36%.

Personalizing Patient Care:  One of the main objectives of the rebranding was to humanize the brand by personalizing patient care. Elderly patients appreciated digital appointment reminders that included automated texts and emails, providing clear pre-appointment instructions. Patient appointments were always followed-up by a call from a member of the USA Vascular Centers care team. Patients were then directed to a Yelp review page, which helped the clinic get patient feedback while gaining a tremendous increase in organic search engine page rankings.

USA Vascular Centers Wins Senior Audience With Omni Channel Marketing


  • 40% increase in patient appointments

  • 65% increase in organic visits to the website

  • Increase in brand sentiment score from 20 to 50


  • An omnichannel patient experience is a win-win situation for both patients and marketers, and it leads to an increased bottom line for healthcare practices
  • When marketing to seniors, don’t assume that other family members are in charge of making decisions for them. Reach out to seniors directly
  • All age groups may use age groups to stay connected with family and friends.  Don’t dismiss social media as a means to reaching older populations

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