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Learn how a nationwide healthcare center grows its business through patient education and builds an online presence across different locations.


USA Vein Clinics offer EVLT (Endovenous Laser Therapy), a minimally invasive treatment for vein disease. With today’s patients turning to Google and medical sites like WebMD and Mayo Clinic, USA Vein Clinics needed to gain a competitive advantage by offering an educational patient experience. They sourced my expertise to help them gain brand visibility in an overcrowded market while improving their local presence. 


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Inbound marketing


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Blogging, social media marketing


WordPress, HubSpot

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A common challenge in the medical field is patient misconceptions. This is often related to treatment, but for USA Vein Clinics, the concern centered around the misconceptions about the disease itself. A majority of patients believed the symptoms of vein disease to be a normal part of aging or genetics. This simply is not true, and education was needed to dispel the myths that were prevalent among this large group of people. A SEMrush marketing and competitive analysis were utilized to guide smart campaign performance goals against a good competitive baseline. The results of the website and content review revealed limitations in patient experience, inconsistency in messaging, and leaks in the website conversion funnel. USA Vein Clinics came to me with a unique challenge. They wanted to increase patient appointments at different clinics across 14 states while entering new markets.   We made sure to capture these missed opportunities in USA Vein Clinics’ new search marketing strategy. 


Most competitors promoted EVLT as a cosmetic procedure with some secondary health benefits. I positioned USA Vein Clinics as a healthcare brand that offered preventative care. This new message enabled USA Vein Clinics to create content around medical search queries related to vein disease and drove patients with “action” intent—meaning they were ready to get the treatment. 

Website: A Patient-Centric Digital Experience: The patient journey was mapped to the website experience, which resulted in turning web traffic into inquiries. The new brand offered patients an educational and attractive experience at their fingertips. A WordPress website served as a patient education hub. Dedicated landing pages were created for patients, vein disease and treatment, physician bios, an outstanding blog, a clear call to action, and lead capture forms. These pages easily attracted organic leads. A Yoast plug-in was used for on-page SEO, including adding unique keywords to meta descriptions, H1 tags, and title tags.
A new appointment scheduling app-enabled patients to schedule online appointments and get in touch with members of the care team. This mobile app was embedded in blog content and social media posts to drive targeted traffic to the website.

We leveraged HubSpot’s SEO tools to find trending topics for blogs and create local landing pages while incorporating geographic keyword terms in the web content.  Canonical URLs were designated to focus search authority on the most influential pages. An FAQ page on the website answered patients’ most frequently asked questions. Structured FAQs organically showed up online and boosted Google search engine rankings.

Attracting Organic Leads Through Inbound Marketing: A list of popular topics for a vein care blog were collected using HubSpot and Buzzsumo. The new blog focused on patient-driven search queries and published content about preventative care, as well as tips for a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to patient education content, the clinic's physician conducted weekly webinars to appear personal and approachable. One of the most popular blog topics was a patient success story, featuring a video testimonial of a real patient who received vein treatment at USA Vein Clinics. A #ILoveUSAVeinClinics hashtag was used by patients to share on Instagram and Facebook. The blog increased targeted users by 142% and boosted organic keywords by 63%.

Off-Page SEO and Google Reviews: To drive quality backlinks to the website, USA Vein Clinics optimized their company profile and ran marketing campaigns with credible sites such as the Vein Directory, Yelp, Google Reviews,  ZocDoc, and Healthgrade. The Google Business Manager account was optimized, and more patient reviews helped the brand gain visibility through improved search engine rankings. These reviews also built trust in the brand, as real patients confirmed the message of USA Vein Clinics—that they are credible, professional, and that they care!

Vein Care Center Triples Patient Appointments Through SEM


  • 32% increase in patient appointments
  • 65% increase in organic visits to the website
  • 60% quality score for Google Ad campaigns


  • SEO is all about content, but without a brand positioning statement, you can’t define your content strategy
  • Integrated marketing works by combining various marketing tactics to reach your target audience, taking into consideration the various phases of the user journey
  • When it comes to local search rankings on Google, don't underestimate the power of Google Business Manager for your healthcare practice

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