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Learn how a women's health brand combats miseducation surrounding uterine fibroids while creating an empowered community of informed patients through social media.


Fibroids affect 70-80% percent of women by age 50. Symptomatic fibroids may be painful and affect a woman’s quality of life. USA Fibroid Centers offers Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), a non-surgical outpatient procedure that treats uterine fibroids and can alleviate painful symptoms.


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When I met USA Fibroid Centers’ marketing team, they were struggling to attract patients to their new practice. One of the major challenges that they were facing was the miseducation surrounding fibroids. USA Fibroid Centers conducted several surveys that indicated most patients believed that hysterectomy, which is the surgical removal of the uterus, was their only option. A majority of women also felt embarrassed to openly talk about fibroid symptoms with their physicians and family members.


I partnered with this brand to help them clarify these misconceptions around uterine fibroids while using social media to create an empowered community of informed patients. Through offering free resources and launching social media campaigns, USA Fibroid Centers delivered education and created a sense of belonging in their community, all while capturing the trust and attention of potential patients.

Below are some specific strategies that significantly boosted USA Fibroid Centers’ marketing goals:

My Fibroid Resource: A feel-good WordPress blog that offered on-demand content to patients looking for fibroid treatment options, from patient success stories to interviews with medical experts. We wanted to create a complete educational resource.To ensure My Fibroid Resource reached the most treatment seekers as possible, I used marketing software SEMrush to identify trending topics and keywords based on search intent. In less than a year, the personalized platform had gained over 50K subscribers, enabling us to create a thriving community of engaged patients.  

Fibroid Symptom Checker: An interactive fibroid symptom checker tool was integrated within the website to qualify fibroid patients. Women who met the criteria for symptomatic fibroids were then contacted by a member of the USA Fibroid Centers care team to schedule an appointment. This tool generated around 20k scheduled appointments. 

Patient-focused webinars: Physicians led webinars regarding critical women’s health topics such as “fibroid treatment alternatives” and “pregnancy and fibroids”. These webinars increased patient engagement by 645% and drove 45k organic visits to the website. 

#MyFibroidJourney: To help women overcome the stigma of fibroid symptoms, we launched the hashtag #MyFibroidJourney on social media. This video campaign featured real stories of fibroid patients and was posted to multiple platforms: Instagram Stories, sponsored posts on Facebook, and the My Fibroid Resource blog. We also involved other providers and  physicians by inviting them to also use the hashtag and share it with their own patients. 

#IHaveOptions: USA Fibroid Centers partnered with the White Dress Project, a non-profit organization that supports fibroid patients. Together, they launched #IHaveOptions. Patients who received their treatment at USA Fibroid Centers used this hashtag if they wanted their story to be featured on the company’s platform. By doing so, we fostered a sense of community and belonging as patients connected to other women with fibroids.


  • 35% increase in patient appointments
  • 60% increase in audience growth
  • Achieved 55% SOV (Social Share of Voice)

Key Takeaways

  • Healthcare providers can leverage patient education to earn patient’s trust and confidence
  • Social media offers HCPs tools to engage with patients, peers, and professional organizations
  • As a female-focused brand, don’t just sell pink! Focus on informing, empowering, and creating community

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