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USA Vascular offers non-surgical treatments for PAD, a condition known to affect 8 to 12 million people over the age of 50 in the US. Through an omnichannel marketing approach, I connected this brand with their audience at their favorite digital and traditional platforms. 


The Challenge.

PAD is most common in those over the age of 50.  Many of my clients make the mistake of falling for the myth that seniors aren’t engaging in the digital world. The truth is the senior market is one of the most diverse markets when it comes to media. Yes, they are using traditional forms of media more than other groups, but the majority are using the internet. That includes social media, particularly Facebook. 

The senior demographic has become the most neglected group of people. Marketers aren’t engaging with them. They’re either not trying to engage at all or failing to connect with the customer or patient. It’s common for businesses targetting an older market to stick to traditional marketing strategies like radio, TV, and newspaper ads. I had to get USA Vascular Centers on board with a more multi-channel marketing strategy. This meant carrying on with their current strategy and adding some digital tactics.


Our Solution

A website designed for seniors

USA Vascular Centers needed a website that was designed with its target audience in mind. This meant speaking directly to the senior. We wanted the patient to feel valued and empowered. We didn’t want to make the mistake of assuming that someone else would make a medical decision for them.

We designed and built a new website that would make senior citizens feel at home.
Some design elements that optimized the online customer experience included:

Easy to read text – large font sizes and bold text was used to help those who may be visually impaired.

The images and video featured people aged 50 and above. The feel of the site is calm and positive. There’s a theme of family throughout. We wanted people to feel at ease. Lots of images included happy images of grandparents playing with children. The aim was to create a vision of what life might look like with preventative care. It focused on the benefits instead of the procedure.

We spoke to the website visitors using a language they were comfortable with. This meant staying away from slang. We kept the tone professional but relaxed across all media. It was important that the science behind the treatment was easy-to-understand. It was also important to position the brand as an informed, industry expert.
Navigation was made easy with clear prompts. For example, if you hover over the blog call to action the website directs the user, quite clearly to “read more”. Many calls to actions were written in capital letters and boxed so they stood out.
For those who prefer the personal touch, there was a live chatbox on every single page. The telephone number was easy to find in the header of every page.
Contact forms had a simple linear design. The static, one-column design puts the user in control of the task. They could see what questions were coming up and the best order to fill out the form – from top to bottom.

Omnichannel marketing

Once the website was in place we needed to direct website traffic to the site. I created a multi-channel marketing strategy targeting seniors. We pushed USA Vascular Centers offering out to radio, TV, and Facebook. We also created email campaigns to keep the business at the front of the mind of its subscribers. Using varied forms of media meant we were reaching seniors across a number of platforms. This had an added benefit; USA Vascular Centers stood out from competitors. They were one of the few healthcare brands with a senior audience who were utilizing digital marketing successfully. Over time we saw an increase in brand awareness. The more the USA Vascular Centers brand appeared in front of its future patients, the more it became a trusted and known brand.

Automated reminders & follow-ups

With this market, communication is key. If you want your customer to feel valued then keep in touch with them. With the aid of marketing automation, this could not be easier. We created a digital follow-up strategy that included automated text and email reminders. Our research told us that the senior patient appreciated this, so we made it a core part of the follow-up plan. Patients also received a personal call from a member of the USA Vascular Centers. The point of the call was to check up on them after their appointment. It showed the patient that they were cared for. It also provided a chance to review the customer experience and gain feedback.



WordPress, Hootsuite, Infusionsoft, Callrail

Key Takeaways

Create omnichannel experiences for seniors

Do not assume that seniors are not using digital media. They are. Reach out them online – use Facebook.

Tailor your brand to your audience

Do make your content easy to digest and read for your target audience.


Optimized user experience

If your target audience is people over 50 then market to them. Don’t assume you’re trying to engage a family member or other decision-maker. Use language and imagery that is emotive to the senior.











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