USA Fibroid Centers

The Client

USA Fibroid Centers offers Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), a non-surgical procedure that can alleviate painful symptoms caused by symptomatic uterine fibroids. This private clinic approached me to help them overcome barriers around fibroid education, and increase patient leads to their key locations in various states. Through a combination of influencer-driven social media campaigns and strategic media placements, we created an empowered community of informed patients motivated to improve their quality of life by seeking treatment for symptomatic fibroids.


The Problem

Fibroids are benign tumors of the uterine muscles and are extremely common in women of reproductive age. African American women are more likely to experience painful fibroid symptoms than others. When I met USA Fibroid Centers,  the main challenge was miseducation around symptomatic fibroids and treatment options. The results of a patient survey revealed the following insights:

Recognizing fibroid symptoms

A majority of women with symptomatic fibroids don’t recognize the symptoms. They believe heavy menstrual bleeding and fatigue are a normal part of menstruation.

Evaluating treatment options

Women who want to seek cure for painful fibroids believe that hysterectomy is their only treatment option.

Embarrassed to seek help

A lot of patients feel embarrassed to openly talk about fibroid symptoms with their physicians and family members.

Patient concerns around fibroids

During a series of interviews most women expressed their concerns around pregnancy, painful sex and work performance. 

The Solution

The goal of our campaign was to empower women through education, and to give them a voice to lead the change. This goal was achieved by creating a nationwide media movement based on femvertising. We partnered with influencers who had experienced painful fibroids which helped this brand establish an emotional connection with their audience. 

These influencers collaborated with patient advocacy organizations to drive local chapters in various states, including New York, Miami, Atlanta and Chicago.  In addition to influencer driven campaigns, bold creatives, video testimonials, open conversations, interviews with physicians, and strategic media placement helped USA Fibroid Centers create a thriving community of informed patients around the brand, while capturing the trust and attention of potential patients.

My fibroid resource

A 'She Knows' style blog that offered on-demand content to patients looking for fibroid treatment alternatives. From patient success stories to interviews with medical experts and fibroid symptom management tips, this blog was a complete educational resource for women with painful fibroids. Through content research and creation of hyper-relevant blog posts, this personalized platform gained over 50 K subscribers in less than a year.

# I am brave

An influencer-focused campaign that was launched in collaboration with the White Dress Project, a non-profit organization that supports fibroid patients. Our influencers helped us gain a massive following around this campaign by encouraging patients who received their treatment at USA Fibroid Centers to be featured on the brand’s social media channels by using the hashtag #IAmBrave. By doing so, we fostered a sense of community and belonging as patients connected to other women with fibroids.

Fibroid symptom checker

An interactive fibroid symptom checker tool was integrated within the website to qualify fibroid patients. Women who met the criteria for symptomatic fibroids were then contacted by a member of the USA Fibroid Centers care team to schedule an appointment. In less than 90 days, this tool generated around 20 K scheduled appointments.

# My fibroid journey

To help women overcome the stigma of fibroid symptoms, we launched the hashtag #MyFibroidJourney on social media. This video campaign featured real stories of fibroid patients that trended on Instagram Stories and Facebook. We also involved other referring physicians by inviting them to use the hashtag and share it with their own patients to improve reach.


The Results

Increase in scheduled appointments


Increase in brand share of voice (SOV)


Marketing contribution to ROI


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