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Makeen aspires to be a global brand. I partnered with this midstage tech startup to create and drive a growth marketing strategy while giving the brand a new look for the new vision.


The Challenge

The developers at Makeen are committed to transforming innovative ideas into real products that users love.  Like many software development firms, Makeen has an agile, remote, and distributed team. Team members responsible for finding work are also responsible for doing – or at least overseeing – the work. 

I partnered with this mid-stage startup to create and execute a marketing plan that clearly communicated Makeen’s value proposition to key audiences. The new marketing strategy created upselling, cross-selling, and referral opportunities. 

 The Solution

Rebranding: a new look for a new vision: 
Makeen had an outdated red logo. Their existing logo had served them well, but they needed a new brand that aligned with their growth-focused vision for the company. We also wanted a new logo that offered a warm and welcoming experience to Makeen.
I partnered with The Leadership to deliver a new brand design. The red logo was replaced by a blue logo with a minimal look. The blue color in the logo represented credibility and promise. 

Refining the brand tone of voice:
The logo was a big part of the rebranding, but communications and tone of voice were also tweaked to better represent Makeen and their offering.
We looked at the customer journey across digital platforms, Makeen’s sales and marketing collateral through to communications with new and existing customers.
The goal was to showcase the full value proposition and one way to achieve this was through evidence-based case studies.   We replaced the ‘sales pitch’ in marketing materials with case studies. It demonstrated what Makeen do, their successes, and it replied on quality, third party testimonials to do the ‘selling’ for them.

Revamping the website: 
The website was one of Makeen’s most underused tools. We turned this around by collaborating with the engineering teams. We built a sales funnel in Wordpress to help identify what different audiences wanted from Makeen.
An Elementor and Mailchimp integration were used to send targeted information to customers and lead at the appropriate phase of the user journey. 
Website visibility was enhanced by adding schema to search results. Google Tag Manager was connected to the website to track behavioral and campaign level conversions at a granular level.

An integrated marketing approach: 
Now that Makeen knew who their target customers were and what they wanted we were able to construct a marketing strategy that reached the ideal clients on their preferred digital platforms. 
We put the right messaging in front of the right target audience. 
This cohesive cross-channel marketing approach guided potential clients towards engagement and moved them down the funnel.


WordPress, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, SEMrush


Key Takeaways

Rebranding - companies grow and over time they change. A rebrand can be necessary to realign a companies brand propositions. Branding must underpin company values, character, and culture.
Be consistent with integrated marketing. Reach customers across a range of platforms (chosen by them) with the right messaging at the right time. 
Create a guided user experience. Construct a logical and inspiring user journey that moves potential customers towards the bottom of your sales funnel.








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