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Learn how a medical device startup leveraged AI-Enabled SEM drove targeted leads to their website while outranking competitors on Google.


On average, about 735,000 Americans have a heart attack every year, and atherosclerosis is a contributing factor. Sotere Medical Solutions offers the Sotereogram, a revolutionary cardiac platform designed to detect early signs of atherosclerosis with 97% accuracy in clinical trials. Early detection and treatment of a silent killer like atherosclerosis can prevent a heart attack and save lives. I partnered with this startup to help them create awareness for their brand and product by driving targeted traffic to their website.


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Medical Device Startup Outranks Competition Through AI-Enabled SEM


Sotere Medical Solutions wanted to reach PCPs, cardiologists, and patients, a varied audience. These buyers needed to see the product’s potential and why Sotere’s offering was better than its competitors. In this case, the patient audience was influencers, healthy individuals in their late 40s to early 50s with a family history of heart disease. We needed to educate them about the importance of early detection and treatment of atherosclerosis. To drive a successful patient education initiative, we needed to improve online visibility for content assets. In the highly competitive cardiology market, the CPC for “atherosclerosis” and related keyword terms was high. Since this startup was working with a limited budget, we created an innovative search marketing solution that would achieve the desired results at the lowest cost per acquisition. 


AI-Enabled SEM: An AI-enabled SEM program was launched to identify ‘high intent’ keywords and core patient audiences. The paid search strategy was focused on highly targeted keywords with specific Facebook and Google audiences layered on top of the search campaigns. AI-powered tech like SEMrush and MorphL were used to improve paid search campaign performance and bidding while finding the ‘sweet spot’ for CPA. Monthly A/B testing and audience hyper-targeting slashed the overall CPC by 25%.

Website: Soterogram’s Marketing Funnel: The new web site's main goal was to create high-converting experiences at every stage of the audience’s journey. By following visual and content hierarchy, Sotere medical delivered a self-guided, personalized user experience to its audiences. The homepage was welcoming and clearly communicated brand values and the solution offered by the new product. The product page featured technical information and case studies that appealed to the buyer’s analytical nature. The patient page provided educational resources to arm patients with information about the early detection of atherosclerosis. Clear, concise calls to action and lead magnets on every page helped grow the email list to 75K contacts in less than a year. Progressive profiling and list segmentation enabled us to educate the brand’s audience and nurture leads based on their content preferences and engagement score.

 AI-Powered Inbound Marketing & SEO: A content gap analysis revealed topic gaps. I used paid search data to select “high intent” keywords and created a content strategy that would rank for keywords from Google PPC campaigns. This strategy drove targeted organic traffic to the website and enabled Sotere Medical to rank for 85% of the selected keywords from the PPC campaigns. Some other SEO tactics include:

  • Addition of keywords to meta description, H1 tags, page titles, and alt tags
  • Creation of rich snippets for Soterogram to display supplementary information about the product on Google search results
  • Structured FAQs to show rich content on Google search and address the patient’s most frequently asked questions
  • Mobile optimization and site speed improvement through asset minification
  • Updated Google Business Manager with the latest photos and the most relevant keywords
  • Verified the NAP (name, address, and phone number) for consistency and ensured that Soterogram had a healthy list of citations
  • Optimized social media sites and cross-promoted engaging blog content, webinars conducted by industry experts, and patient education videos

Some of the most successful social media campaigns include:

 # Love your heart: A Facebook campaign used the #LoveYourHeart hashtag to share real stories of atherosclerosis patients on Facebook and Instagram. These campaigns inspired others and communicated the message that preventative care could save them and their loved ones from heart disease.

 # Prevention is better than cure: This Facebook campaign shared educational and interactive infographics about healthy lifestyle choices and dietary changes to prevent atherosclerosis. 

 # Be the physician of tomorrow: A series of physician-led webinars on Facebook and LinkedIn put Sotere at the forefront of the industry and positioned them as the experts in the cardiovascular preventative healthcare space.



  • 60% increase in organic visits to the website
  • 86% increase in branded traffic
  • 20% increase in CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value)


  • Webinars are one of the most effective ways to establish industry leadership, including but not limited to medical equipment manufacturing
  • Offer your customer a smoother onboarding experience and reduce your sales cycle by paying attention to the website experience. Make it personable and fine-tune every detail
  • Unlike traditional SEO, an AI-enabled search strategy can help you outrank your competition in less than 90 days!

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