Milfoil King Brand Makeover

Milfoil King is a shoreline restoration company that wanted to win new clients through digital marketing. I partnered with this brand to create a digital experience that aimed at welcoming and embracing the target customer from their very first interaction with the brand.


The Challenge

Milfoil King is a customer-focused brand that customizes milfoil removal and bottom barrier installations based on the needs of their customer.

They remove milfoil from shorelines to restore its natural beauty. Their expert team of divers and surface support technicians has developed unique and effective ways to remove milfoil at its root.

They already have hundreds of happy customers and a skilled team committed to restoring the shoreline. They wanted to gain brand visibility by connecting with the target audience on social and digital channels.

The Solution

Customer-focused website

I spoke with their sales team and used their insight to map out the ideal buying process. This was then added to the sales funnel on the website. 
A new responsive website was built on WordPress and optimized for search through Yoast, an SEO plug-in. 
The website experience guided a visitor’s first interaction with the site through to becoming a customer. 

A light-hearted approach to branding

When prospective clients contact Milfoil King they share concerns about the property and the safety of their family members, especially children. 
I wanted Milfoil King to promote their services in a fun way, which they happily agreed to. To quickly grab the attention of this brand's target audience I created a caricature of the owner and CEO. The new caricature helped this brand present an analogy. It was a unique approach and it provided them with engaging content for social media campaigns. 


WordPress, Mailchimp, SEMrush, Hootsuite


Key Takeaways

The customer-focused website experience is key to converting web traffic to leads. The easier the site is to use, the more likely a web visitor is to convert. 

Be consistent. Your web user or potential customer must have a top service from the first touchpoint with your brand through to conversion and beyond. In the eyes’ of the customer, consistent brands and brand experiences are trusted brands.

Don’t be afraid to be unique! Shoreline decided to go with the caricature - it was playful and it gave them content for social media. It worked for their brand and set them apart.






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