Collections Company Earns Client's Trust by Offering Debt Education

Discover how inbound marketing helped a debt collection company differentiate itself in the challenging collections industry.


Resurgent Capital Services is an industry-leading financial services company. They are committed to providing superior service to their customers. As a debt collection company, this brand aspired to differentiate itself from competitors by being perceived as a professional and courteous debt collector. This goal was achieved by creating a self-guided digital experience that offered debt education to clients. 


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Collections can be challenging, and working with a debt collection company is never anyone’s first choice. It’s a well-known fact that debt collection companies tend to neglect the marketing communications and this can hinder the customer-provider relationship. This brand needed to create a compelling story for their company while offering a consistent experience across marketing and sales touchpoints.


The results of a competitive analysis revealed that most competitors had similar brand offerings that didn’t completely match audience search terms. We used this gap as an opportunity to set a solid foundation for Resurgent’s content strategy.

Digital Guides for Financial Education

We identified the most commonly searched keyword terms and created digital guides as landing pages around these search queries. The two financial education digital guides shared valuable information with customers, and this helped to position the brand as professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, courteous. Every client was given the option to subscribe to whichever digital guide best fit their needs, and they would then receive weekly personalized newsletters straight to their inbox.

Credit and Debt Simplified

The guide, “Credit and Debt Simplified,” provided potential customers with the basics of good debt and bad debt. One of our goals with this content was to educate readers without selling or coming off as judgmental.  For this purpose, we implemented language that was empathetic but still set clear boundaries. The guide empowered potential clients with knowledge and gave an actionable next step at the end.

Consumer Guide to Credit Reporting

The guide, “Consumer Guide to Credit Reporting,” answered frequently asked questions and explained the difference between credit scores and credit reports.  FAQ style landing pages and guides served two purposes: 

Firstly, they addressed customer queries directly and in a simplified manner.
Secondly, they included keywords and search terms that helped improve Google rankings. 

Humanizing Client Communication Through Email Marketing

Email was another channel that was successful in establishing this financial company as a trustworthy and client-focused brand. This is what we were able to achieve: 

  • Regular communications and brand touchpoints helped to build awareness of the brand. Thanks to positive messaging, potential customers started to associate the brand as a professional and courteous provider of financial services
  • We humanized the brand through empathetic and friendly content. Email headlines included: “we’re proud of you” and “your partner in financial recovery”. Email sign-offs were from “your supportive team…” 
  • The email strategy helped increase levels of trust between the customer and the financial service provider. The messaging used in the emails was consistent and underpinned brand values
  • Social media links were included in the footer to encourage customers to follow. Infographics were used to simplify the overall design of the email.  An easy-to-read, easy-to-digest email was more likely to be read and engaged with


  • Connect with your audience with email marketing: Don’t fear that your content will be too ‘salesy’ or ‘spammy’. If your customers have handed over their email addresses, they want to hear from you! Utilize email marketing to keep in touch with your customer and increase brand awareness

  • Send quality content:  Potential customers won’t get annoyed with quality content. Create guides, answer their FAQs, and put relevant messages in front of them. Position yourself as an industry leader, show you have the answers, and they will come back

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