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Discover how Europe’s hottest fashion brand tripled sales through AI-enabled e-commerce and a personalized customer experience.


Pink Sand is one of Europe’s hottest online fashion destinations. In the past, they had experienced some success with social media marketing, but they still needed a competitive edge. That’s where I came in. I helped Pink Sand reach market demand by merging AI with their e-commerce platform. An AI-powered e-commerce program and SEO resulted in an increased add-to-cart ratio, a better customer retention rate, boosted sales, and improved brand awareness. 


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When Pink Sand approached me, they had a high cart abandonment rate and a negative cash flow. On top of this, they faced one of the most daunting challenges encountered by fashion brands: choosing and purchasing the most desirable merchandise and predicting the sizes that would be needed. As new competitors entered the market, Pink Sand knew they needed to differentiate themselves by offering more than just their brand name. Another challenge faced by this brand was “high competition” for product-related keyword phrases such as jeans, handbags, sunglasses, skirts, and bodysuits. The editorial strategy was even more challenging because Google rewards content is based on relevant keywords from your audience’s searches. Since most fashion brands were using these product-related keywords, we had to find a way to improve organic search rankings. 


The main goal of adding AI capabilities to Pink Sand’s e-commerce platform was to personalize the shopping experience. This type of machine learning-based technology has been used by many top e-commerce brands, including Amazon. We utilized low competition keywords relevant to Pink Sand’s products and audiences to address the keyword competition.

AI-Powered E-Commerce: For Pink Sand’s e-commerce, I used a Nosto and Shopify integration. Nosto is an AI tool that analyzes shopper activity through computerized algorithms. These algorithms compile historical data to personalize the merchandise that is shown to the customer based on previous shopping history. This technology allows customers to create individualized shopping feeds that show items customers had previously liked and similar products.

Enhanced Shopping Experience with Image Matching: To give shoppers a visually enhanced experience, I added a Shopix integration to the Pink Sand website. This enabled customers to upload a fashion image that inspired them, and the website generated shopping results that were visually similar to the uploaded image. Similar technology can be seen in industry-leading brands such as ASOS. This visually enhanced shopping had three major benefits:

  • It put the shopper in control of the website experience, creating personalized shopping results
  • It created an upselling opportunity. Shoppers often found items that would have otherwise been missed
  • It helped Pink Sand turn visitors into actual shoppers 

Meet Emma, Your Virtual Shopping Assistant: To offer customers an experience to rival that of a retail store, I created Emma, a Facebook chatbot. Emma engaged customers in real-time conversations. She introduced herself and directed customers to a catalog of available items. She asked questions to filter products and suggested items that were perfect for the customer’s needs. Whether it was a certain fit, style, or occasion, Emma made recommendations to meet each customer’s requests. This included assembling personalized outfits and recommending accessories to give shoppers ideas for new looks. Customers were then prompted to add Emma’s recommendations to their carts. After providing size and location information, they were redirected to the Pink Sand website for check out.

 SEO: Multiplying Organic Traffic & Sales from Google: SEMrush was used to identify topics with a high search volume and low “editorial competition,” which means that many brands weren’t writing about those topics. For example, around 1.5M people are searching for bodysuits on Google. Writing another blog about bodysuits wouldn’t help with organic traffic. We leveraged more specific keywords such as “Kim Kardashian's bodysuit’ rather than just bodysuit.  By writing about specific, highly searched, and trending topics and embedding products into blog content, Pink Sand grew its organic search to the website by 300%.  Pink Sand shared unique and visually appealing content with fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers that drove targeted organic traffic to the website while improving its ranking through relevant backlinks from credible sites. Content from fashion shows, events, and designer interviews was cross-promoted on Pink Sand’s blog and social media sites. Paid shoutouts created a buzz for its fashion shows while driving high-quality organic leads to the e-commerce site.  



  • Increased add-to-cart rate from 5% to 9.8%
  • Increase NPS (Net Promoter Score) from 20 to 50
  • Boosted CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) by 25%


  • Increase customer loyalty by utilizing AI-enabled technology and providing shoppers a personalized shopping experience
  • Machine learning-based applications can understand your shopper’s style preferences better than any human stylist can, thus saving you thousands, even millions of dollars
  • Who needs a shopping companion when you have an AI-powered chatbot as your personal shopping assistant?

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