Kanye West, Pablo Chicago Launch

In 2016, hip hop superstar Kanye West opened pop-up stores in over 21 cities around the world to sell his ultra-hyped range of "The Life of Pablo" merchandise. As a brand ambassador, my job was to make the Chicago launch a success by keeping audiences engaged online and onsite.



The Promotion

In 2016 Kanye West, a hip-hop superstar, who hails from the South Side, Chicago announced Chicago would be the location for one of his 21 pop-up stores selling "The Life of Pablo" merchandise. The shops were opened for Yeezy fans to purchase exclusive products during a weekend in August in major cities around the world. Kanye said that the stores made a staggering $1 million dollars in two days. 

I was thrilled to be selected as a brand ambassador for this global fashion event. Our project code was "Project Freeze". As a brand ambassador consumer experience is first and foremost, along with the setup and you and your team you are part of that brand experience. There is no downtime in view of the consumer and you always have to be on top of your game. It was a long weekend, but a memorable experience, my team and I were excited to be a part of not only a national but a global initiative!

Pablo created a  buzz, there was media and some madness, but we all are in business for events like this...

The mission was simple- stay organized, stay sales-focused, interact with Yeezy fans and close the experience with a SALE!




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