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I Take Actions is a non-profit organization that is committed to improving the education system in Nigeria. This organization reached out to me to help them gain fundraising opportunities through social media outreach. 


The Challenge

I Take Action is the Nigerian chapter of the United Nations "Noble Mission for Change.”  This nonprofit organization is committed to making positive changes in education through citizen mobilization.  I partnered with this organization to create a social media strategy focused on generating brand awareness and fundraising through community outreach.

Like a majority of nonprofits, limited time, resources, and budget constraints were some of the most critical challenges for this new organization. I Take Action wanted to grow on social media without using pay-to-play tactics.



The Solution

Social media content personalization

I Take Action wanted to grow their audience organically. They had limited budgets, so paying wasn’t an option.
We used social media to gain brand awareness. It formed part of a recruitment campaign and enhanced outreach for fundraising.
Before we created a plan I wanted to understand more about the organization and their online presence.
Social listening allowed me to understand them. I could see what they were putting out there and how they engaged with followers.
I used social media tools to analyze audience data. From existing data I was able to map user personas to the right message.

Interactive content to increase audience engagement

Social media should be exactly that, social. I wanted to help I Take Action to create content that engaged their audience. We did this by using interactive content.        For example, I created Twitter polls and asked followers to respond. We requested followers use emojis to create a fun, engaging poll. And it was easy to respond to! This activity did a fantastic job of increasing audience engagement. Not only this, but it provided us with useful insights. Insights that were later incorporated into the content strategy.
We hosted a question & answer session through Instagram stories and posted Facebook surveys to get member feedback. Increased engagement and a greater presence on social media naturally drove relevant traffic to the website.

Organic growth through visual content

Visual content has become more and more prominent. These days you have a short window to attract and keep your followers’ interest. Visual content - whether it be images, infographics or videos are a quick way to get the attention on your brand.
We created engaging posts across all social media platforms that were bound to grab attention.
We used hashtags to increase organic reach across social media platforms. We mixed branded and non-branded social media hashtags, which allowed content to be found on native searches.
In summary, we created a full social media campaign that met the audience where they were. We followed their lead through social listening research. Once we met our audience and we knew what they wanted all we had to do was put high-quality content out there.

This included, but was not limited to:

  • Visual content like shared infographics, GIFs, explainer videos, and high-quality images. We shared this content on multiple social media platforms
  • We used social media to push traffic to the website. This was simple - we added external URLs to social media posts. Once you’ve captured a user’s attention on social they’re likely to reach out and find out more
  • Once we had the interest of the social media user we provided them with an option to donate. We linked to a donation page from the organization's social media sites
  • Used Facebook tools to make donations easy. We added the call to action "donate". This was added to the Facebook fan page. This button can also be added to posts to make donations easy. Post donations are effective because they capture the user while they’re engaged with the account
  • We added shortened URLs to Twitter and Instagram bios to allow followers to donate easily. All they had to do was click the link!


WordPress, Mailchimp, SEMrush, Hootsuite


Key Takeaways

Stop and listen- Use social listening to see who your audience is already engaged with. How do they use social media? What do they react well to? How are they communicating on social?

Make the most of interactive content-  Interactive content cries out for engagement. It makes engagement really easy too! Have fun with this type of content by asking fun questions. Use the polls feature - share images. Asks users to respond with an emoji. Create a fun safe space; a place that people want to join in with.

Visual content is so important! The digital world moves fast and social media feeds are no expectation. Twitter is particularly fast-paced with news disappearing as fast as it’s posted. Don’t be scared to post regularly. When you do post, make it a good one! Fill your feed with bright engaging content and use social media tools. Play with GIFS, share videos - use emojis, and add images to your content.

Make your call to actions clear- I Take Action relied on a donate call to action. This call to action was listed across all social media accounts. It was in the bios and shared on posts. Don’t be afraid to share your most valued calls to action.








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