Marine Brand Engages Customers Through a Personalized Experience

Learn how Mercury Marine creates a personalized experience using Salesforce Pardot and successfully engages an ever growing customer base.


Mercury Marine is one of the world's leading providers of marine propulsion. This company and its 6,200 worldwide employees manufacture engines, boats, and parts and provide services for recreational, commercial, and government marine applications.
Because Mercury Marine is a global company with an ever-growing customer base, the Vice President of Marketing sourced my services to create a personalized experience for their customer base in North America. Together, we carefully selected the right digital marketing solution for their needs, which led to a 65% increase in subscribers and a 77% boost in engagement.


Inbound marketing

Demand generation


Content creation, HTML, CSS

Lead generation


WordPress, Salesforce CRM

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Fortune500 Company Engages Customers through Content Personalization


As a company that offered products and services, Mercury Marine had been using Salesforce CRM to manage their sales. Unfortunately, their technological landscape was like that of many other large organizations: scattered and overwhelming. 
They found it difficult to access customer data — never ideal, but especially so when working with a customer base of millions. They were also unhappy with batch processing, which was awkward to use and would send numerous emails to each customer. 
Personalized customer experiences had always been a top priority for this company, but the technology that they had in place did not reflect that. Mercury Marine needed a solution software that integrated all of their needs (and their customers’ needs) onto one easy-to-use platform. Our goal was to take communications from scattered to streamlined, impersonal to personalized, and one-sided to interactive.


This brand’s marketing team envisioned a comprehensive digital transformation. “We need to bring a new marketing solution that can help us connect with our new and existing customers in a personalized way. This approach will support our vision to become a customer-centric company,” said the Vice President of Marketing. To help this company scale across sales and marketing, I made recommendations for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, an AI-powered marketing and automation solution.

Data Analytics and Tailored Content: Together, we created a digital customer hub that provided Mercury Marine’s client base with information on the latest products and events. We then used Salesforce Marketing Cloud to integrate a content preference center into the customer hub, contributing to a more personalized consumer experience. Since we connected the existing Salesforce CRM to the newly-installed Marketing Cloud, dormant leads were activated through progressive profiling. Each of these leads received an email that prompted them to complete their content preferences on the digital customer hub. Those who subscribed received tailored content straight to their inbox. 

Achieving Customer Success at Scale:  Marketing Cloud’s Data and Audience Studio platforms were leveraged to collect customer insights and create a 360-degree customer view. We also used Journey Builder to send 1-on-1 communication at the right phase of the customer journey, thus helping the company save more than eight hours of staff time per week. 


  • 65% increase in subscribers
  • 25% email open rate, 9% CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • 165% increase in organic visits to the website


  • The right marketing technology is key to creating a successful and sustainable customer success strategy

  • Leverage automation and allow technology to handle repetitive tasks, so that your sales and marketing teams can focus on strategy

  • Are you overwhelmed by the task of caring for millions of customers?  You might need to speak to a marketing strategist who is familiar with AI-powered solutions!

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