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Sotere Medical Solutions offers the Soterogram™, a cardiac platform that can detect heart problems and save lives.  This startup wanted a new website that showed up on the first page of Google search and educated their target audience.


The Challenge

It is known that medical device marketing is unique. Unlike other healthcare products or services, most medical device buyers are hospitals, scientists, and healthcare professionals. Sotere Medical Solutions wanted to reach PCPs, cardiologists, and patients, a varied audience. This audience is intelligent and analytical, but they still need a human touch.  We wanted to share the product’s potential and needed to create a compelling message to show how Sotere Medical Solutions are better than their competitors.

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The Solution

Responsive website development

Sotere had a goal – to drive website traffic and generate sales. Their new responsive website features Sotere’s products, expertise, and customer service and appealed to the analytical nature of the buyer. I created best-in-class content through custom-built graphics, engaging copy across the site. Results include a 194.60% increase in website visits.

Guided user experience with clear and concise calls to action made contact easy. The landing pages aligned with each stage of the user journey and educated, delighted, and engaged the audience. We used lead magnets to grow the email list. To keep the messaging relevant we used progressive profiling to send personalized content to each subscriber.

Search engine marketing

A tactfully planned SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and paid search techniques improved site visibility and generated leads for Sotere Medical. A list of keywords with low competition and a good traffic value was created to help searchers find the website for the most relevant search terms. I leveraged the FAQ schema to show rich content on Google SERP (Search Engine Page Rankings) and to address the patient’s most frequently asked questions. FAQ appeals to Google and its algorithm and helped us to get the first position on Google search results. 

Since I was working with a limited advertising budget,  my goal was to attract high-quality leads. I used SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups) to focus on the most relevant keywords that would attract the right audience. To improve the ad conversion rate, I matched the ad copy to website content and drove leads to the most relevant landing pages leading to a 60% boost to goal conversion.

Personalized user experience

To understand the audience I used AI-powered tools. We used real time insights to personalize content and adapt the user experience from a place of knowledge. Evidence based case studies provided a space to prove what Soterogram could do. Case studies showed how the patient’s quality of life improved after using the product. 

Naturally, we wanted to make sure that Sotere is visibly practicing what they preach on their website. We created lifestyle-focused social media campaigns to improve engagement through brand recognition. Aided brand recall created a thriving patient community around the brand.

Social media marketing

Some of the best and most notable campaigns for Sotere include:

# Love your heart: this campaign had the consumer in mind. It asked patients to make a healthy change and share their stories on social media. It inspired others and showed that Sotere was at the heart of healthcare. It supported, with action, the copy on their website. It built trust.

# Prevention is better than cure: this campaign used social media and infographics to explain how early detection of vascular disease can help save lives. Infographics are proven to be an effective form of communication. They’re simple, easy-to-digest and they build brand awareness.

# Be the physician of tomorrow: This campaign shared product-focused webinars with physicians on social media channels. Like the FAQ section on the website, this campaign put Sotere at the forefront of the industry. They were able to prove they understood the medical aspects.


WordPress, Mailchimp, SEMrush, Hootsuite


Key Takeaways

Connect with your audience

Before you connect with your audience, understand their needs. A personalized message is a long-term investment in your brand.

Use an omnichannel marketing approach

No matter where your customer finds you, they should know your brand. Engaging with your brand should be easy and seamless. It should be consistent. Let the customer decide which channels are worth investing in. Find out where they hang-out online and meet them there with carefully constructed campaigns. Use smart goals to make budget-related decisions.

Create a unique value proposition

Find out what separates you from your competitor and share it. Show and tell customers why they should trust you.

Trust the data

Use AI-based tools to support the construction of your online presence. Build a website that generates sales and makes your brand visible. Use your website as a responsive medium to share product benefits.















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