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Discover how a software development company achieves double-digit growth through rebranding and digital marketing.


The developers at Makeen are committed to transforming innovative ideas into real products that users love. I partnered with this software development firm to drive a rebranding initiative and help this mid-stage startup achieve its new vision of growth through multi-channel marketing.



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Like many software development firms, Makeen had a remote and distributed team. As a remote company, Makeen found it challenging to build client relationships. In turn, this affected the possibility of a healthy referral pipeline. Since the mid-stage startup had clients from a wide range of industries, Makeen had to create multiple product offerings based on client needs. The leadership team wanted to attract the right clients and achieve their new vision of growth by creating upsell opportunities.


I partnered with Makeen’s leadership team to evolve Makeen as a credible brand and created tailored client experiences based on the audience’s needs and preferences.

Rebranding: We are Makeen!

To lay a strong foundation for this company’s success, I conducted market research that addressed a communications strategy for the right market and audience. 

Visual Identity: We dialed up the brand’s essence and its cool technical appeal. Illustrations were used to communicate with the audience in a visual language. A modern, functional logo and the color blue evoked the feelings of “trust,” “credibility,” and “promise.”

New Website: After identifying the business goals and user journeys, a flexible modular system was presented to Makeen’s team. After a few revisions, we were ready to map out a wireframe. The new WordPress website featured on-brand high-quality visual content, including illustrations and micro-interactions, readable fonts, and a clear visual hierarchy. A chat feature enabled users to get in touch with Makeen’s customer success team. Third-party customer reviews clearly communicated the brand promise of quality and transparency.

Messaging: To reinforce brand trust, we created social proof by sharing client success stories in the form of case studies on Makeen’s blog and social media sites. Instagram hashtag #WhyILoveMakeen featured video testimonials of real clients discussing their positive experiences with Makeen. These stories demonstrated and verified Makeen’s success and allowed third-party testimonials to enhance its credibility by doing the “selling” for them. To humanize a technology brand with a remote team, the hashtag #RemoteLifeAtMakeen was used to share stories of virtual team members from around the world via Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This campaign connected the brand with audiences personally by sharing stories of Makeen’s culturally diverse team and each member’s commitment to the company’s mission. 


ABM (Account-Based Marketing)

Now that Makeen had a solid foundation for its brand, we needed to map out a tangible marketing strategy to turn their new vision of growth into reality. We selected HubSpot to drive an Account-Based Marketing program that focused on attracting the right clients by delivering tailored content based on audience preferences. 

Some of the most successful ABM tactics included:

Content Personalization: We utilized HubSpot’s content personalization features to send target accounts to landing pages focused on their needs and deliver tailored content via email. This approach improved Makeen’s conversion rates and reduced the sales length cycle by educating prospects about the products and services that interested them.
LinkedIn Integration: A HubSpot and LinkedIn integration targeted accounts based on the Ideal Client Profile (job title, industry, company size, etc.) and communicated through LinkedIn InMail outreach. 
Marketing & Sales Alignment: I partnered with Makeen’s sales team to coordinate the development and launch of marketing campaigns. Repetitive emails were automated, and sales team members were provided with resources such as case studies and email sequences to focus on creating cross-selling and upsell opportunities.



  • Increased NPS (Net Promoter Score) from 20 to 60
  • Boosted CLTV (Client Lifetime Value) by 15%
  • Slashed CAC (Client Acquisition Cost) by 25%


  • The smartest companies are incredibly resilient because they focus on turning challenges into opportunities
  • ‘Social proof’ is a fast pass to earning a client's trust, by means of the "bandwagon effect”
  • Effective marketing is key to winning new clients, driving innovation, and increasing your bottom line results

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