The Client includes early investors in companies such as Google and CEOs from profitable startups. When I began consulting with Kroma they had just concluded a corporate name change from Slideshop to Kroma. This name change stemmed from Slideshop’s transition to an AI-based visual platform for professionals who wanted to communicate effectively their ideas through expert inspired decks, on-point pitches and proposals. I partnered with Kroma’s leadership team to drive rebranding while infusing the Kroma brand with relevance, a seamless customer experience and cross-selling opportunities for a growing client base.


The Problem

In a highly competitive SaaS marketplace entrepreneurs who bootstrap their way to success are a rare breed. With big players such as MS Powerpoint, Canva and Prezi offering similar customer benefits Kroma faced the following challenges:

Highly competitive marketplace

Most competitor brands in the presentation space were already AI-based and achieved growth through Dropbox-style freemium marketing, and by leveraging affiliate channels which are overcrowded with competitive products, price being the primary differential.

Revamping monetization model

Reengineering and aligning the company’s monetization model to the new brand promise while creating cross-product awareness among customers. 

The Solution

The rebranding solution was complex and was based on whiteboarding the complete branding process to find Kroma’s true northstar. As a first step,  I conducted internal and external stakeholder interviews and competitor analysis, which was followed by the creation of a brand team including in-house team members and agency partners with the right knowledge, expertise and communication skills to pull off the rebranding in the most efficient and timely manner. A successful transition from Slideshop to Kroma was made possible by:

Creating unique brand values

Defining Kroma’s unique brand values and market position, as well as creating a relevant design system that offers a seamless customer experience.

Content personalization

Leveraging an AI-enabled marketing management system to deliver personalized content and inform customers of the latest product offerings based on their interests.

Redefine brand core

This was one of the most critical steps in Kroma’s rebranding, as it guided design and creative revamp, while identifying Kroma’s true northstar.

Purpose: why do we exist? provides business leaders the resources they need to create successful pitches by giving them confidence to share big ideas with peers.

Vision: What future do we want to help create?

We are committed to giving future business leaders the freedom to pursue big dreams, chase their goals intensively, and—most importantly—stand out. In a sea of gray, is a shining beacon of visual empowerment.

Mission: How do we create that future?

Kroma empowers business leaders to accelerate their impact by offering an AI-powered, plug-and-play visual platform to create pitches, proposals, and presentations that win.

Voice: Who are we?

Bold: We say what we think. As startup founders, our confidence comes from years of hustling and that's why we love to cut to the chase.

Playful: ‘Work hard, play hard’ is our motto. Having fun sparks our creativity to build cool stuff.

Customer-focused: Our passion to help customers inspired us to create an innovative solution to a problem we all face- creating pitches, proposals and presentations that win.

Diverse: We are diverse and committed to building a stronger sense of identity and wellbeing for our employees and customers.


Visual identity

Why The word chroma means the purity of a color. We transformed chroma into - “ai” being a nod to the platform’s artificial intelligence features.

The Logo: We used a bold and simple approach using the ‘K’ as a brand icon, creating endless opportunities of automated inspiration and order.

Typography: Sofia Bold Pro was the perfect font choice. It has a professional feel, yet it also evokes warmth and friendliness.

Brand colors & imagery: was envisioned as a bold and playful brand with an intelligent tone of voice. We used the color purple to represent intuition and persuasion. Vibrant colors—like pink and yellow—popped on contrasting backgrounds, emphasizing the brand’s creativity. We used images of diverse business professionals and technology props to create a personalized experience for Kroma’s target audience.

Brand narrative

Brand narrative: The brand narrative focused on automated inspiration. The automated inspiration resulted from’s AI-based platform that empowered users to perfect content and design, visualize data, and consequently transform their big ideas into winning presentations.

Website revamp

The goal of website revamp was to incorporate elements of rebranding into the  new web experience successfully. This goal was achieved by creating an intuitive experience to bring Kroma’s automated inspiration to life and by building a consistent brand vocabulary to enhance top-of-mind awareness. 

Creating an educational hub’s blog served as an educational hub for startup founders, side hustlers, and anyone interested in creating a winning presentation. The blog offered a learning center, free guides, stunning graphics, case studies, and the latest news

Customer awareness and feedback

An FAQ-style landing page provided answers to the most frequently asked customer questions. Some other features included an online forum, where customers could share their feedback, and a membership page.

SaaS marketing and branding

The Results

Positive brand sentiment


Increase in client acquisition


Marketing contribution to ROI


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