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PROJECT OVERVIEW, formerly known as SlideShop, offers an AI-based platform to create on-point pitches, proposals, and presentations that win. Presentations are brought to life through their data visualization tools, expert-created decks, and proprietary grab-and-go content. The company was still known as SlideShop when I first met with their leadership team. I partnered with this SaaS startup to support the transition from SlideShop to, an AI-enabled presentation platform, and help them raise the second round of funding.


Brand communications

Marketing strategy


SEO, social media marketing

Affiliate marketing, Google PPC


WordPress, SEMrush

Klaviyo, Hootsuite



The presentation industry is a highly competitive marketplace that includes major players like Canva, Visme, and Prezi. The results of a competitor audit revealed that most competitor brands in the presentation space were already AI-based and achieved growth through Dropbox-style freemium marketing and by leveraging affiliate channels.
The affiliate space was overcrowded with competitive products, price being the primary differential. The goal was to identify and gain market opportunity while building a successful brand and stimulating business growth.


Competitive intelligence clearly indicated that the market opportunity for was in the startup space. was positioned as an AI-enabled presentation solution that saved time and money for startups, entrepreneurs, and side hustlers. The marketing solution was focused on building a community of loyal customers and brand advocates around

Rebranding: is Slideshop

Why The word chroma means the purity of a color. We transformed chroma into—“ai” being a nod to our platform’s artificial intelligence features.
Brand colors & imagery: was envisioned as a playful brand with an intelligent tone of voice. We used the color purple to represent intuition and persuasion. Vibrant colors—like pink and yellow—popped on contrasting backgrounds, emphasizing the creativity of the brand. We used images of diverse business professionals and technology props to create a personalized experience for’s target audience.
The font: Sofia Bold Pro was the perfect font choice. It has a professional feel to it, yet it also evokes warmth and friendliness.
Brand narrative: The brand narrative focused on automated inspiration. The automated inspiration was a result of’s AI-based platform that empowered users to perfect content and design, visualize data, and consequently transform their big ideas into winning presentations.


Website Revamp: Optimized and Informational

The new WordPress website served as an informational product that offered a delightful and engaging experience to the brand’s audience. We used micro-interactions and animated illustrations to bring’s brand story to life. The results of a content audit revealed that users searched for different product features, such as “creative assets,'' “data visualization tools,” and other similar keywords. A dedicated landing page was built around every product feature and its variations. Long-tail descriptive keywords were used to drive targeted organic traffic to the pages.’s blog served as an educational hub for startup founders, side hustlers, and anyone else interested in creating a winning presentation. The blog offered a learning center, free guides, stunning graphics, case studies, and the latest news. An FAQ-style landing page provided answers to the most frequently asked customer questions. Some other features included an online forum where customers could share their feedback and a membership page.

Marketing Funnel:

Acquisition:  An educational content strategy included blog topics such as investor pitches, startup funding, and entrepreneurship that increased paid subscriptions to a day pass by 45%. Affiliate partnerships provided a genuine, authentic voice for’s marketing and improved targeted reach to new audiences. SEO and Facebook ads contributed 35% to ROI.
Engagement:  Klaviyo’s machine learning features were used to profile audiences and deliver personalized drip campaigns, webinars, and one-on-one demos with a 4% CTR and a 2% conversion rate. A Facebook group was created to collect customer feedback and allowed users to share content and connect with other users.
Retention:  Improvement in the customer onboarding process improved the retention rate by 60%. Email reward and referral programs, loyalty exclusives, how-to newsletters, and a customer advocacy program improved CLTV by 25%.


  • Your brand needs to clearly communicate the value of your product or service
  • SEO is a valuable asset to your brand, as it spreads the word about your awesome new product for free and helps customers find you online easily
  • SaaS startups can utilize affiliate marketing to save advertising dollars, reach a targeted audience, and connect to top publishers and promoters

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