Fitness Trainer Earns Overs 45K MRR Through Social Media Marketing

Discover how a passionate fitness entrepreneur achieves her dream by creating an all in one fitness destination for busy moms on the go.


From a very young age, Erika was passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves. When I met Erika, she was working as a fitness instructor at a gym and conducting private one on one workout sessions for clients who desired to reach their healthy weight. As a young mom of two, it was challenging to find the right balance between paying the bills, spending time with family, and following her dream. I partnered with Erika to create a subscription based digital destination for busy moms who wanted to get their pre-pregnancy body back. We also leveraged Instagram and Pinterest to connect with the brand’s social media savvy audience.


E-commerce marketing

Social media marketing


Growth hacking, video marketing

Instagram and Pinterest Ads


Hootsuite, Mailchimp

Fitness Trainer Earns Overs 45K MRR Through Social Media Marketing


The fitness industry is a highly saturated market. With new miracle diets getting a bad reputation on social media, it’s challenging to win a client’s trust. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are dominated by influencers selling fitness programs. It was a daunting task for a new fitness instructor like Erika to reach out to potential clients on these platforms. 


Using an industry leading video monetization platform and Shopify integration we created a subscription based business that generated thousands of dollars in recurring revenue for Fitness by Erika. With a unique blend of Hiit cardio video workout sessions, meal plans and recipes and fitness inspired merchandise this brand brought a new voice to the world of online health and fitness. Since Fitness by Erika was an early stage startup, we focused on two main social media platforms to connect with the brand's audience. 
Instagram: Since Fitness by Erika was a personal brand, we wanted Instagram to reflect Erika’s fierce personality and her passion for fitness. Posts for the brand included a mixture of workout tips, healthy eating recipes, and humorous gifs. Hashtag contests boosted the client referral program by 10%.
Pinterest: Since food and drink is one of the most popular categories on Instagram, we focused our efforts on organizing our Pinterest boards into different types of meals such as “healthy chocolate desserts” and “flourless bread recipe”. Fitness by Erika’s audience was big on Pinterest, which made it an ideal platform to try out Promoted Ad Pins. With these promoted pins, the brand received up to 40% higher subscription rates than other platforms.



  • Generated over 45k in MRR
  • Achieved 30% SOV (Social Share of Voice)
  • 15% boost to CLTV (Client Lifetime Value)


  • Explore a subscription-based revenue model for your startup, and capitalize on the compounding value of customer relationships

  • Incorporate video into your content to reach more of your target consumers

  • To be a fitness trainer with a successful personal brand, be mindful of the way that you interact with and influence potential clients. Think ‘Larry King’ and ‘Kim Kardashian'

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