The Client

A Chicago based fitness trainer and nutrition specialist, Erika Jenkins, has been training women for nearly ten years. She has helped many clients reach their ideal weight by following a holistic fitness program that is customized to each individual’s training and nutritional needs. When Erika approached me, she was on a mission to make women around the country feel stronger, healthier, and more confident. To achieve her goal, we launched FiT, a mobile app, and created an OTT channel that offered nutrition and fitness on the go.


The Problem

Studies have shown that women, as compared to men, have less confidence in their ability to lose weight through exercise. I conducted a series of interviews with Erika’s fitness clients, who revealed the following insights:

Time constraints

A majority of women lacked time and motivation to stick to a workout routine.

Fear of being judged

Some women hesitated to go to the gym due to fears of being judged by their physical appearance

Scattered technology

Women who used a fitness app found it cumbersome to use use several applications to keep track of their training and nutrition needs.

On-demand content

Fitness enthusiasts desired a Netflix style experience and wanted to switch between devices to watch videos from anywhere.

The Solution

FiT was designed as a one-stop shop for fitness. We wanted to create a subscription based mobile application that offered fitness and nutrition at the same place, while helping members to build and maintain amazing habits for working out and eating right. The next step was to create an OTT channel built on top of a strong mobile application.

1. Competitor analysis

The results of the competitor analysis revealed the following insights:                   

Generic mobile apps
Most mobile apps offered general recommendations on nutrition, and required members to log information about their physical activity and meals consumed.                   

Lack of personalization
The  majority of these apps lacked personalization, robust community features, and human interaction.                 

2. Persona mapping

Audience research
I used Erika' existing client base to segment audiences based on their age and fitness goals. The next step was to conduct interviews with these user segments to learn more about their lifestyles, fitness challenges, and aspirations. My questions were based on need, task, and value.                         

25 to 45 Yrs
Fitness junkies passionate about health and fitness who enjoy the runner’s high feeling and maintain fitness.                 

25 to 50 Yrs
Beginners who workout as it helps them relieve stress and zone out,           

35 to 45 Yrs
Weight watchers who want  to lose weight while educating themselves about fitness and nutrition.


3. Client journey mapping

One of the most critical steps in client journey mapping is to create a shared understanding of user needs and provide context for a user-centered solution. I used empathy maps to understand user attitudes and behaviors, which helped us match their needs with the appropriate digital touchpoints and mobile app features.


4. Information architecture

To organize features and content under the right sections, I used card sorting, a UX research technique for creating an information architecture tailored to user’s expectations. 

5. Wireframing and prototyping

I created a low-fidelity wireframe that presented Erika with basic content and visuals, and iterated design by using a collaborative approach. At this point, we were excited to see an interactive prototype that demonstrated both functionality and design for FiT.

6. Usability and testing

The interactive prototype was shared with existing clients who were asked to perform a few tasks, such as tracking their physical activity on the app. I used the results of the usability testing to generate a severity report, which helped us perfect the product by identifying and filling the gaps in user experience.


The Results

Paying members

150 K

Increase in CLTV


Customer rating


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