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ABC Dental is one of the most successful dental practices in Manchester, UK. In 2017, owner and dentist Dr. Brown reached out to me to help him achieve a higher Google ranking for the ABC dental website and increase patient appointments through SEO. 


The Challenge

Dr. Ted Brown is passionate about caring for the dental needs of children.
In 2002, he founded ABC Dental of Manchester. This dental practice is committed to providing the highest quality pediatric dental care in a state-of-the-art, comfortable, and child-friendly environment. 
Although Dr. Brown is highly respected in his field and he is a member of the British Society of Pediatric Dentistry, UK, he knew he needed a top-quality SEO strategy to meet new patients.
As new competitors entered the market, Dr. Brown knew that ABC Dental needed to gain online visibility, so families searching for local pediatric dentists could find them before they found their competitors. 
Dr.Brown reached out to me in 2017 to leverage the latest SEO tactics to achieve a higher Google ranking and improve the quality of leads.


The Solution

For dental practices, local SEO is key; they need to show up on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and on Google maps. Patient reviews are also a helpful and effective way of building trust with potential patients.
We leverage some key tactics and digital strategies to increase online visibility and showcase the culture of dental practice:

  • Local SEO
  • Acquiring reviews
  • Creative blogging

Local SEO

People looking for a new dental practice are going to turn to Google. The higher up the Google rankings, the more likely the site is to gain traffic. 
We started by creating and refining a Google My Business account for the dental practice. In its simplest form, this meant they could appear on the map. However, the benefits far surpass this:
Google My Business tells Google that there is an active business
It provides the location to aid local searches
Google My Business has a place for patient reviews. 5-star reviews work with Google algorithms, which wants to showcase the best practices in the area.

A Google My Business listing adds a third opportunity to be listed in the results pages - the other two being organic listings in the search results and paid ads. 
Our well-executed marketing strategy meant that ABC dental was listed three times at the top of Google search results. Who could resist clicking that?

Acquiring patient reviews

There is no better endorsement for any business than a genuine review from a happy patient or customer. 
Reviews are part of the Google algorithm. It provides evidence that the dental practice is a trusted business and worthy of a higher Google page ranking.
Outside of Google algorithms, personal reviews are one of the most effective ways to share what you do. 
We reached out to patients and prompted them to leave a review. Instead of ABC Dental telling people what they did, patients were able to confirm in their own words what ABC Dental is like. This means more to potential clients than anything a practice says about itself.

Creative blogging

The goal was to educate families about the importance of dental care from an early age, so I worked with ABC Dental to create E-books for children. 
Children are creative by nature and even though it’s the parents who are searching on Google, it was crucial that children were happy and comfortable with the experience and culture that ABC Dental had developed. 
Ebooks were created and given to parents for free. All they had to do is leave their email address to download. 
The idea was that they had valuable resources to share and educate children. Children would be eased into this process and with the data collection of email addresses, we could keep in touch with parents whose children might later become patients.


WordPress, Mailchimp, SEMrush, Hootsuite, Google Business Manager, Screaming Frog, SpyFu


Key Takeaways

Set up Google My Business and use it fully - fill in your location and make it an ongoing task to obtain reviews.

Don’t forget the main consumer. Parents make the decision for their children, but if the children are happy and comfortable parents are happy.

Be creative - if children are your market, then get creative. Kids are creative by nature.


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