Acutus Medical

The Client

Acutus is a medical device company that offers imaging, navigation, and mapping systems for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Due to restrictions brought on by COVID-19, Acutus  started planning for alternatives to conduct one of their industry’s most noteworthy events: The EP 3.0 Summit, a series of in-person events that offers educational and networking opportunities to electrophysiologists around the world.

In just 10 days, EP 3.0  was completely transformed into a virtual event and Acutus was able to create an all-around interactive experience both for speakers and attendees. 

With a 60% show rate and positive feedback from attendees and speakers the EP 3.0 virtual summit was nothing short of impressive. Acutus leveraged this success to create a bespoke platform for live-streaming all future events.

The Problem

The Acutus team approached me to create a virtual experience for the EP 3.0 Summit. I closely worked with Acutus’s cross-functional team to resolve the following challenges:

Savvy audience with high expectations

Deliver an interactive, engaging, user-friendly and responsive digital experience that meets the expectations of savvy electrophysiologists around the globe.

Zoom fatigue

Avoid ‘zoom fatigue’ by humanizing the digital experience to keep the audience engaged.

Working with multiple timezones

Launch a live virtual event that works for attendees and speakers in various time zones.

Limited time and resources

We had ten days and limited resources to draw signups, while convincing and guiding a few speakers who were hesitant to conduct engagement on a virtual platform. 


The Solution

Since every aspect of this project was virtual, our goal was to create an intuitive and self-guided experience for the speakers and attendees. We leveraged social and digital channels to draw signups, while building an integrated virtual environment for the EP 3.0. Acutus’s marketing team was excited to turn the impossible by launching Mission Possible: The EP 3.0 Virtual Summit. An event promotions press kit was created and provided to media analysts and partners interested in covering the event.

Promoting Mission Possible: The EP 3.0 Virtual Summit

Salesforce Marketing Cloud was used to set up Mission Possible: The EP 3.0 Virtual Summit. We created #SavetheDate, a multichannel campaign that drove attendees from various digital and social media channels to subscribe to a microsite dedicated to the event. This microsite presented attendees with various options to attend the live summit in their time zones, or opt-in to receive a full-recording via email. Additionally, subscribers could opt to receive text notifications and email reminders based on their individual preferences; 
Salesforce Journey allowed us to customize interactions of subscribers based on real-time input of their online behavior and preferences. Event-driven triggers fired retargeting campaigns to remind audiences to register for the event, whereas subscribers received virtual event teasers via automated emails to keep the momentum going. 


Technical configuration for Zoom Webinar

Zoom and Salesforce integration automatically synced the webinar and registrants to Salesforce Marketing Cloud that enabled us set up automated follow-ups and reminder emails; 

Zoom training workshop for speakers

I ran a series of Zoom training workshops to ensure speakers were comfortable conducting webinars for a global audience; 

Making the virtual event interactive

Zoom’s user-friendly and self-service nature made it easy for everyone in the Acutus Marketing team to schedule, start, and record virtual events while enabling attendees to communicate and use polls to share opinions in real-time; 

Salesforce and Zoom integration

Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration enabled Acutus to easily acquire and distribute media and create a bespoke platform for live-streaming all future events.


The Results

EP 3.0 showrate


Global audience reach


No. of subscribers


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